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"Part of that was ... to give an extended window to businesses, taking into account the fact that it is a more complicated doctor home loan calculator Oak Laurel 0430129662 migration process for businesses to get onto the NBN and off the legacy services such as ISDN and frame doctor home loan Oak Laurel relay." The purpose of the four whitepapers was to show businesses that NBN has an "equivalent service" to what they're currently connected by, Salmon said. This is particularly the case for small and medium-sized businesses, as large businesses are more likely to have moved across already. "We see small, medium, large, and government customers all using these types of services, so it does apply to all customer types regardless of their size," he said. "But in reality, what we find is that some of the really big end of town, really big customers, have moved already onto other services. And this is now just trickling down to other customers that can now take the time to get onto the NBN as these services start to hit that migration window." Salmon said NBN is pushing the cost and convenience benefits of cloud computing to convince businesses to migrate -- but denied that the migration window extension is in response to a lack of businesses moving over to NBN services. "We've been very successful, and we've had a huge take-up across the NBN of particularly small business and medium business," Salmon told ZDNet. "This is more about we need to make sure that businesses are ready when the NBN comes to them to migrate across, so we're really acknowledging that it is a slightly more complicated business process to get ready to move onto the NBN if you're a business, and we want them to start earlier and migrate sooner." Salmon also provided an update on NBN's rollout, saying it will achieve its goal of reaching half of all Australian premises by midyear. "The NBN is rolling along very successfully, and we are at the point right now where a third of Australia can order a service and by June, we'll be able to say up to a half of Australia can order a service. And that ratio applies equally well for businesses," he said.